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sábado, 21 de abril de 2007

in Conclusion.... :(

Well i guess this is the hardest part, my english class this semester has been great because i never took a course where we could have our classes on a computer lab, that made it more fun and very interesting!!!... it wasn't like the other ones i took in the past, this was very diferent and we had a great teacher who is very dedicated to her job and is very willing to help her students, for that i wish her the best. i'd probably go on, im not gonna stop writing on my blog because i really like it.

viernes, 20 de abril de 2007

Family Guy...my favorite cartoon show

I' ve never laughed so hard in my entire life by just watching a cartoon... here are some clips that i thought were the best i've seen so far! jejeje

Paintball...So fun!!!

Paintball is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with paintballs, spherical gelatin capsules containing primarily polyethylene glycol, other non-toxic and water-soluble substances, and dye, shot from a compressed-gas-powered gun, commonly called a marker.
Paintball draws a wide array of players, and the Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association estimates that over 30 million people play annually in the United States alone. Insurance statistics show that paintball is one of the safest sports in existence, even more so than tennis.
Games can be played either indoors or outdoors and take various forms, of which some of the most popular are woodsball, scenario and speedball, also sometimes known as tourneyball under various circumstances. Rules for playing paintball vary widely, with most designed to ensure that participants enjoy the sport in a safe environment. The sport requires a significant amount of equipment and has even developed its own slang.
A game of paintball usually involves two opposing teams seeking to eliminate all of the other team's players or to complete an objective, such as retrieving a flag, eliminating a specific player, or other paintball variations. An average, non-professional game of paintball usually lasts around five minutes to half an hour. Since its inception, paintball has drawn a crowd of both casual and serious players.

My coments to the people in my class about their blogs...

I told monky that injustice is being going on since the beginnings of time and that i dont think anyone cant do anything to stop it, because prejudice and hate cant be erased and its a shame but true...

My comment to butterfly effect was to "put more information in her blogspot" because she had only posted 2 entries.

In my other comment i told boris that i agreed with him that english is a very powerfull tool in our days, to find work etc. and i also told him that the people in china are the fastest growing economy in the world .

In my final comment i visited raquel's blog and i found it very interesting because she talks about my major which is graphic design and the way to make logos for companies and make them succesfull because if you dont have a great image to the public you cannot succed in the business world.

and finally i visited ramon gotera's blog and i found out that he wants to be a preacher and i told him that it was rare that someone in our times somebody is thinking to do that, but i wish him the best.

here are the URLs i visited and left a comment: